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Who's who in the last two | May 8, 2024

Two weeks on from the last time we told you what to listen to, we return with further instructions. Read on for our picks of the last fortnight.

Gia Darcy - Next Life

First cab of the rank is emerging pop starlet, Gia Darcy. This release actually falls just outside of the last fortnight, but we couldn't let a quality release from a Central Coast artist go unnoticed. The last twelve months have been something of an evolution for Gia Darcy, who has swapped her more gentle and traditional roots for a confident, infectious brand of modern pop.

'Next Life' demonstrates this evolution beautifully. The track kicks off with a simple acoustic guitar sequence, but quickly builds into an expansive modern pop track, drawing on elements of synthwave and 80s-inspired electronic drum beats. Darcy says she wrote 'Next Life' as a love song to her best friends - so shoutout to all the platonic lovebirds out there.

Joel Leggett - Maizy

Just over a month ago, Joel Leggett had us traversing pain and raw emotion with 'Cup of Tea'. With his latest release, 'Maizy', he's turned the dial right back in the opposite direction - gifting us a warm and bright number that'll have you singing along and tapping your feet from the outset.

This release is yet another impressive addition to Leggett's growing catalogue. If you wanna catch him live, he's landed a massive support slot for Pete Murray's stop at Drifter's Wharf on June 9th. After that, he and his band are heading over to West Oz for a mini tour.

Edie - Lie to Me

Speaking of West Oz, the West's own Edie is back with her second single of 2024, 'Lie to Me'. This one, Edie says, is about that girl best friend that she was told not to worry about by an ex. And while we extend our commiserations to Edie for that experience, we are grateful that it's led to lines like: "said she's like a sister // then why did you f*ck her // you incest lover".

If you couldn't tell already, 'Lie to Me' is punchy and full of attitude, leaning more into the realm of grunge than Edie's previous releases have. It all fits together very well. If you're curious about Edie, we spoke to her just over a year ago. You can listen to that chat here.

Jan. - Bleach

We spoke to Central Coast duo, Jan. back in February hot off the release of their last single, 'A Place to be Alone' (read more about that release here). In that conversation, Jake and Neil from the band told us about the satisfaction of finally finding their sound; wedged somewhere between Jake's love for scream-heavy hardcore and Neil's passion for softer, more melodic indie.

With 'Bleach', Jan. remind us yet again that they have nailed that balance, pulling together the best of both of their worlds into this single. Listen closely and you'll hear elements of post-punk, hardcore and even jazz sprinkled amongst the three and a half minutes of 'Bleach'.

Holo - AEIOU

Canberra born, Berlin-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Holo has been on a roll this year. He's been winning over European club and festival crowds with his dynamic brand of house while backing it up for his Aussie fans with a string of solid releases. 'AEIOU' is Holo's latest level-up, starting bright and upbeat before dropping deeper, featuring a pitched up vocal sample Holo sung himself. All in all, it's a very cool listen.

Unless you're heading to Europe, we can't offer you much in the way of useful gig information. You can keep up with Holo via his insta, though.


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