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Premiere: Jan. set their 2024 intentions with 'A Place to be Alone'

2023 saw Jan. explore their sound through the 'Soft Demos' mini EP. Now, they're back and more assured than ever before.

Since their inception in 2021, Jan. have been on a mission to zero in on the sound and style that feels like home. The Central Coast five-piece have dished out some impressive releases as part of that mission, carving out their own space in the Australian emo/post-hardcore scene.

'A Place to be Alone' is their latest offering, a track that the band say finally represents their direction and intention.

"We’ve been trying to find our sound for a while now. Since 2021, we’ve made numerous adjustments to our image and style, and we’re now at a stage where we feel comfortable being ourselves. 'A Place to be alone' is an emotional, temperamental song and is our first release in which we feel it truly represents Jan’s sound and the direction we’re going in", Jake and Neil from the band told

Recorded with Simon Dobson at Killarney Vale's Lakehouse Audio, 'A Place to be Alone' greets listeners with the type of silky melody that we've come to expect from Jan, but slowly transitions into heavier, more aggressive elements. The band nail the balance between delicate and chaotic to explore "the acceptance of solitude" in the track, which comes in at just under five minutes.

If their latest release is anything to go off, expect a big 2024 from Jan. They'll be playing their first ever East Coast mini-tour as a supporting act in a couple of months time (details TBA); and keep an eye on their socials for local gigs between now and then. In the meantime, listen to 'A Place to be Alone' below.

A Place To Be AloneJan.


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