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Premiere: NEAV's 90's-inspired people-pleasing anthem 'Against Me'

Central Coast artist NEAV is back with her first single of 2024, 'Against Me'.

The talented Coastie has shown her range as an artist since launching the NEAV project in 2022, and her latest offering adds some nostalgia to that range.

Officially released tomorrow (April 26), 'Against Me' serves as an anthem for people pleasers who have been stabbed in the back too many times.

"Against Me stems from situations where I have been too trusting and my judgment of character has suffered as a result," said NEAV.

The 20-year-old says that some future singles will go back to her acoustic roots, but 'Against Me' is definitely inspired by the 90's, as well as some modern pop hits that were also inspired by that era, such as Olivia Rodrigo's catalogue of music.

Take an exclusive listen to NEAV's newest single below.

NEAV - Against Me


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