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Premiere: Ally George pulls us close with 'Twenty One'

Central Coast pop starlet Ally George has delivered back-to-back strong releases with the gentle, vulnerable journey that is 'Twenty One'.

Just last month we were treated to 'Swim' from Ally George - a bold and bright track that marked Ally's triumphant return after a break from releasing music. This time around, Ally has stripped things back, letting her glittering vocals do the heavy lifting as she explores an ideal love that only exists in her dreams.

"I wrote 'Twenty One' a couple days before my 21st birthday, and I was going through a time where people around me were dictating situations in my life that were meant to be in my control. Love was kind of slipping away and it resulted in me feeling like I didn’t deserve to have it in my life", Ally George told

'Twenty One', Ally says, "was written about an imaginary hope that I could hold onto if [a life without love] ended up being the case"

'Twenty One' hooks you in immediately as Ally builds steadily through both her dreams and fears, ultimately arriving at a euphoric, beautifully crafted crescendo. It demonstrates just why Ally George's brand of pop has us so excited this year.

Of course, a life without love has not been the case for Ally George in the years since 'Twenty One' was penned. Either way, we're better for this release.

Listen to 'Twenty One' below.

Ally George - Twenty One


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