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Premiere: Chelsea Berman hits all the maternal feels with 'If I Had A Daughter'

Central Coast country/pop singer/songwriter Chelsea Berman has returned with her latest single, stripping it back and hitting all the maternal feels.

Following on from her previous singles 'Break Up Again' and 'Where Does That Leave Me?', Chelsea Berman's latest single, 'If I Had A Daughter' looks at painful mistakes in a new light.

Familiar listeners to Berman's music will attest that breakup heartache is a common theme in her writing, but it is usually accompanied by a foot-tapping beat, a twangy guitar, and catchy lyrics. This is not the case for her latest offering, though, stripping everything back to allow the raw emotions of the song to punch through.

"This song was written in a time when I felt like I'd made so many mistakes and learnt valuable lessons, and I wanted to pass on these learnings to my future daughter," Berman said.

The song itself was recorded at Jake Davey Studios and written by Berman and Missy Lancaster.

"'If I Have A Daughter’ is for anyone who has gone through hard times, and wouldn’t want to see anyone they love make the same mistakes," Berman said.

With this release, 25-year-old Berman shows another evolution to her music and songwriting. You can watch the video for Berman's new track below.


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