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Who's who in the last two? | June 19, 2024

Yep, it's that time of week again. Two more weeks worth of great releases - let's have a look at some of our favourites.

Gia Darcy - Make Me Wanna

Central Coast local Gia Darcy has been on a roll over the past year or two, releasing music consistently over that time span.

Gia's latest offering, 'Make Me Wanna', is a shift away from her other 2024 single, 'Next Life'. This said, the newest offering isn't a massive far cry from what we've come to expect from the talented 'confident pop' musician.

Gia travelled to LA to write on this song, and she says it was done in just three hours!

If you want to catch Gia live, you'd just missed a gig in Sydney last week - but keep an eye on her socials for more updates.

Hockey Dad - Wreck & Ruin

Off their latest album 'Rebuilt Repeat', Hockey Dad have released 'Wreck & Ruin' as a focus single, and it's clear to see why.

Full of fast drums, catchy vocals, and harmonic guitar strums, 'Wreck & Ruin' is a perfect summation of the album, which is in my opinion, their best yet.

Bree Rusev - Finish Line

Bree's vocals are warm and powerful enough to melt your insides, and that's exactly what this track does.

Hailing from just up the road in Newcastle, Bree has this unique skill to sing about heartache, anxiety, the unknown, and other stress-inducing topics in such a calming way.

'Finish Line' feels like the perfect track to sit in the afternoon winter sun at a park with a cup of tea, just watching the busy world pass by, completely free of any obligations, duties, tasks, or stresses.

Got an assignment due that you're stressed about? Put on 'Finish Line' by Bree Rusev.

Stressed about a performance review at work? Play 'Finish Line' by Bree Rusev.

Stressed about the thing you're avoiding by reading this article? Finish the article, then listen to 'Finish Line' by Bree Rusev.

You're welcome.

Katanak - Honeycomb and Hurricane

This is just about as polished a release as we've heard from the Brisbane artist, and we're loving it!

Katanak has been trickling releases for a few years now, and his latest offering is perhaps the most experimental we've heard. Typically finding comfort in his guitar, Katanak explores a range of new sounds in 'Honeycomb and Hurricane'.

The track itself is a summertime anthem - so he's perfectly timed this release as we head into winter. The track itself reminds me a Sheppard or COIN hit. Light, bright, and catchy.


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