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Premiere: Patios return with an anthem for the unsung, under-appreciated

Patios - the Central Coast's self-described answer to 'Sad Dad Music' - are back with their second ever release, After Hours; and we've got an exclusive first listen for you.

Patios burst onto the local scene back in March with their steaming punk rock debut release, Blur. It had energy and polish, but with a healthy dose of garage. Blur - the band said - was a personal reminder to take a holiday and avoid the trap of burying yourself in work.

They're staying with the (anti) work theme with After Hours; with Tim from the band telling that their latest release was inspired by an all-too-familiar experience for those of us giving too much to our jobs.

"The track is lyrically about putting in the after hours [for a] job that you used to love, then coming to terms [with the fact] that they don't care about you or the extra work you put in, leaving you frustrated."

Officially released tomorrow (May 31), After Hours sees Patios hone in on their punk base; leaving more room in this release for their mysterious, unnamed vocalist to shine. They've chucked in an epic guitar solo for good measure, too.

So far, it's two solid releases from two for Patios. Check out After Hours before everyone else below.

Patios - After Hours


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