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Who's who in the last two? | March 6, 2024

Updated: Mar 19

It's been another cracking two weeks for new music releases, so let's take a look at our picks.

Teenage Dads - Weaponz

Well, no surprises here. We don’t think Teenage Dads are capable of releasing a bad track, and their latest offering Weaponz piles more evidence into our theory. The Mornington Peninsula Dads channel Strokes-esque fuzzy rock in this one, introducing instruments and sounds one-at-a-time to build yet another high energy, quirky offering. At a bite-sized 2:28, you’ll be replaying it again and again (we certainly have). The band announced their biggest Aussie/NZ tour to date off the back of this release, so head to their website for all the details.


Newly formed Central Coast act, PATIOS, have burst onto the scene with their debut release, Blur.

Led by local creative (illustration/mural artist) Tim Travers, PATIOS It's a creative outlet to make music. With the idea the vocalist will change on every song (being borrowed from other bands) with Tim on guitar/ bass and with a session drummer. the band will always be a bit mysterious with no members ever named.

With Blur, PATIOS are channeling some heavier garage punk sounds for this track, which they say is a personal reminder to take a holiday and avoid the trap of burying yourself in work - a noble message indeed.

Keep an eye on their slick looking socials for more releases from PATIOS.

Hey! Astro - Superficial

Bright, catchy, infectious - Superficial is the first release of 2024 from the Central Coast’s own Hey! Astro. Astro masters the blend of pop, R&B and hip hop in this release, creating a sound and feel that we don’t see enough of in the Central Coast scene. If you wanna see what a Hey! Astro live show looks like, you can catch him performing alongside Trophy Eyes as part of the Great Southern Nights Newcastle street party on March 23rd. It’s a free ticketed event, so book your spot asap!

Annie Hamilton - Talk

Sydney’s Annie Hamilton has also shared her first offering of 2024 with Talk, a swirling, moody release that shows the self-described ‘sunshine gothic’ at her best. Produced by Jake Webb of Methyl Ethel, Talk draws you in slowly as Hamilton’s simple, abstract songwriting and signature brand of psychedelic rock ascends towards the track’s bright crescendo. It’s a journey of a song - and one we’d strongly advise you take.

Hamilton has landed a huge support slot for The National’s upcoming Australian tour, so snap up some tickets for that if you want to catch her live.

Jaguar Jonze - whiplash

Longtime Homebrewed favourite and champion of Australian Music, Jaguar Jonze has come through with a vulnerable new release, whiplash. Whiplash is pulled from Jaguar Jonze’s new three track EP, victim impact statement.

As a whole, the EP is a departure from the bold, attitude-heavy brand of pop we’ve become accustomed to hearing from Jonze. Instead, we hear a stripped back and vulnerable side to an artist who for years now has stood in vocal resistance to some of the most insidious parts of the Australian music scene.

Jonze hinted this style of release would be on the cards when speaking to Homebrewed in 2022 - indicating that he loud and angry songwriting would change to reflect the hurt and sorrow she now faces.

Honourable Mentions:
  • Lucille Two - One More Time

  • Hollow Coves - See You Soon

  • Hockey Dad - Base Camp

  • Middle Kids - Philosophy

  • Good Morning - Excalibur


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