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Who's Who in the last two | May 22, 2024

Yes! It's been two weeks already. Enough with the questions; please just listen to the music below.

Reliqa - Dying Light

Fronted by the Central Coast's own Monique Pym, Reliqa are forging a very impressive path in Australia's Progressive Metal scene. Their latest release 'Dying Light' is the last single we'll get before their debut album 'SECRETS OF THE FUTURE', drops at the end of the month. If this single is anything to go off, we're in for a journey come May 31. 'Dying Light' is packed full of attitude and grit, expertly fusing a traditional Metal sound with elements of Electronic, Pop and Hip Hop.

Keep an eye on Reliqa's socials for tour updates. You can watch the video for 'Dying Light' below in the meantime.

Kitschen Boy - A New Hope

Melbourne four-piece Kitschen Boy have just dropped their second EP 'Now Arriving at the panic Station' and boy, is it an earful of quality Aussie Indie. 'A New Hope' is the second song of the five track release, and embodies perfectly the noughties inspired bright-yet-angsty brand of Indie that they've landed on. If you're a fan of Vacations, Rolling blackouts Coastal Fever or even the now defunct City Calm Down then you'll love these guys.

If you're keen to catch Kitschen Boy live, you're in luck. The boys will be playing the Sydney leg of their co-headline tour with There's A Tuesday this Friday, May 24 at the Lansdowne. You can also keep up with their movements here for good measure.

ENOLA - It's Not Love

While we're in Melbourne, ENOLA is back with their first single since their 2023 EP 'All is Forgiven'. 'It's Not Love' is a superb example of ENOLA's signature sound - melding dramatic electronic production with raw, post punk vocal stylings. ENOLA says 'It's Not Love' is "a song about how we stay in situations & dynamics that don’t serve us, because we have deep rooted bonds and attachments to people, places and the past."

You'll have to wait a while to see ENOLA's swirling, dance floor-ready punk in the flesh as they're touring Europe right now. You can keep up to speed with that tour and their eventual return via their insta.

Spicy Lemons - Matt's Place

Spicy lemons are bringing some SERIOUS feel good, sing along, cuddle your mates energy with 'Matt's Place'. It's a welcome back of sorts for the Central Coast trio; who - despite doing some extensive gigging around the area over the last twelve months or so - haven't released new music since their 2022 EP 'Garage Days'. 'Matt's Place', the band says, is a track dedicated to the people they've been lucky enough to call mates. It's infectiously fun example of Spicy Lemons' brand of banjo-infused Aussie garage punk, and it needs your ears.

If you wanna taste Spicy lemons live, they're midway through a tour to celebrate this release - catch them in Newport on June 7 or in Newcastle on June 19. For more details, hit their socials.

Rose Cole - Make out About it

Sydney alt-rock artist Rose Cole is back with her second single of the year, 'Make out About it'. The pace of this track grabs you immediately, with the hook simply consisting of Cole repeating the same bar, "I can park in places we used to make out and not get sad about it". It's a moody release that draws on some super impressive production, reminiscent of acts like Placebo.

After the first two releases from Rose Cole, we are very keen to see what else she has in the locker for us. Keep up with the latest from her via her socials.


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