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Who's Who in the Last Two? | June 5, 2024

Two weeks later, we continue to have opinions on new music releases. Read on for our picks of the fortnight.

Characters - New Teeth

Fresh Central Coast Dream Pop/Alternative duo Characters are back with their first single of 2024 and third to date, New Teeth. Much like their first couple of releases, New Teeth has been blessed with some excellent production. This track is the most gentle and stripped back we've heard from Characters so far, with vocalist Benjamin Myer Welch directing us through his own experience of heartbreak via some fantastic songwriting and delivery. Couple that with the aforementioned epic ambient production and New Teeth makes for an immersive, emotional listen.

There doesn't seem to be any gigs on the horizon for Characters just yet, so you're gonna have to be patient if you want to catch them live. You can, however, follow along via their insta as they build a very impressive catalogue of releases.

Odette - Reverence

In news that should excite literally everybody, Odette is back with her first solo release since 2021, Reverence. This track is an epic; dipping in and out of classical, rock and jazz elements (amongst others) while Odette's unmistakable vocals remind you where you are. Reverence - Odette says - was inspired by the idea of finding light in dark spaces and laughing at your own anger and pain. This release will undoubtedly be followed by more from Odette, so get excited.

Odette will be playing an East Coast tour to mark this release, hitting Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in September and October. Check her socials for details on that tour and future releases.

Gray Days - What to Say

Excellent production has been the flavour for Central Coast releases over the last couple of weeks, and local Indie/Alternative artist Gray Days (aka Gary Wills) clearly got the memo. Written and produced with Andrew Crowe and Michael Greville, What To Say is a beautiful melding of Gray Days' quiet, emotive style with modern synthetic production. Think Bon Iver meets Marcus Whale. Lyrically, What To Say is heavy and profound - inspired by Wills' wife's experience battling chronic pain.

What To Say is a refreshing and emotional release from an unassuming Central Coast artist. So unassuming, in fact, that we couldn't find any Gray Days gigs for you to feast on. Make sure to show your support via his insta, though.

Chymes - Sweet

Chymes is back with more! The Central Coast taste maker has graced us with Sweet - her second single in as many months. Chymes hit us with the hip-hop flavoured UFO back in April, which was something of a departure from the Dark Pop sounds we've come to expect from her over the last couple of years. She's kept the changes a-comin' with Sweet, harnessing some super crisp, bright production to deliver a two-minute special that absolutely lives up to its name.

There's no Chymes live shows in the works for now, but she has more releases on the horizon. You can keep up with it all via her socials.

Mannequin Radio - Robots

For the most part, there's a gentle theme to the picks for this edition of WWLT. Mannequin Radio's Robots is no exception. The Sydney band dropped their self-titled debut album a couple of weeks ago, with Robots sitting right in the middle of the ten-track release. Robots is anchored by a steady beat and a very pretty melody, but includes enough subtle turns and irregular progressions to remind us why the band have earned themselves an 'Art Post Punk' tag. If you can, make sure to listen to this one with headphones.

Mannequin Radio will be launching their album with a show at Vic on the Park in Marrickville next Friday if you wanna catch them live. Keep up with the band's movements via their socials.


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