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Who's Who in the Last Two? - July 3, 2024

Imagine a bowl of fruit from the markets that we really like and want you to check out. Got it? Okay, now imagine the FRUIT is in fact NEW MUSIC RELEASES and the MARKETS are the LAST TWO WEEKS. This is what this article is about. Cheers.

Spree - Indecisive

Spree are a brand spankin' new band out of the Central Coast, and first impressions are strong with their debut release, Indecisive.

Recorded at Jack Nigro's Sonora Studios in Tuggerah, Indecisive marks an introduction to the local scene akin to a warm hug. The track offers a gentle and reflective take on Aussie Indie, grounded by lead acoustic guitar and wonderfully layered vocals. It's a lovely listen.

This one is made even more impressive once you learn that the members of Spree are all still in high school! If, like us, you like what you're hearing from Spree, check out their socials to follow along.

Little Quirks - Caught in June

Good friends of Homebrewed, Little Quirks are back with their second release of 2024, Caught in June. The Central Coast five-piece have brought some serious dreamy and ethereal energy to this one, drawing comparisons to acts like Boy Genius in the process.

Having written Caught in June during her first year living out of home, Jaymi from the band says the track reflects "the bittersweet theme of being stuck in a moment in time" and was partly inspired by a cat named June that she and her partner used to own.

Caught in June is yet another perfect step forward for Little Quirks, who are expertly striking the balance between their folk roots and new sonic territory as a band.

If you're keen to catch the Quirks live, then pack your bags and get to the Gympie Music Muster where they're playing on August 22. You can also keep up with them via their socials and website.

Comar, Bart XL, Yung Pilot, IXHII, L U N A, Guano C, Tahkoe, Gian Santoro, Lxgcy - LAST FLIGHT (Bonus)

Props to Central Coast rapper Comar for assembling an all-star cast and smashing the Homebrewed record for longest artist credit on our website with their epic, LAST FLIGHT.

LAST FLIGHT is the finale of the debut album from fresh hip hop collective Flight Academy. The collective's cabin crew - made up of emcees Comar, Bart XL and Yung Pilot, and producers IXHII and Luna - bring traditional hip hop confidence and noise to this track and combine it with a charm that makes their brand of hip hop so much fun. If you're a fan of hip hop it'd be rude not to give this one a spin.

Catch everything Flight Academy here, and be sure to keep tabs on Comar's movements via his insta.

left u - Willo, JOY.

If emotive dance music is your thing then sit down right now and listen to the latest from Willo and JOY. You will not be disappointed. Left U is a fast, euphoric release that perfectly exemplifies how powerful good electronic production can be.

It's a home run from Sydney producer Willo and the Grammy-nominated JOY, who have crafted a track that is sure to make even the coldest hearts wanna cry happy tears and dance.

This is the first release from Willo since her April mixtape, watching a memory; so if you like what you're hearing then go check that one out. JOY, meanwhile, has been producing for some of the biggest artists in the world. Keep up with both artists via their respective instas.

Tia Gostelow - Mirrors

Fresh off of an iconic performance at the Sydney Opera House as part of VIVID 2024, Tia Gostelow has hit us with her third single of 2024, Mirrors. This one was co-written, produced and mixed with one of Tia's good friends and favourite collaborators, Matt McGuiffe, and is loosely based on her experiences in a long distance relationship when she was younger.

Mirrors, Tia says, paints "a picture of finding your individuality while you’re in a long-term, long-distance relationship". It's another cracking release from an artist who is carving out an increasingly impressive catalogue of music.

Tia Gostelow has been busy this year, so keep up with all her developments and releases via her socials.


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