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Who's who in the last two (four)? | April 10, 2024

Our two man band has had some time away, so please indulge us as we absolutely stretch the definition of a fortnight and run through our favourite releases of the last two-to-four weeks.


THE ENTIRE TRACK LIST OF VELVET TRIP'S NEW ALBUM IS WRITTEN IN CAPS. We're not exactly sure why that is, but the contents of the Sydney psych duo's debut record is anything but scream-ey. In fact, it's music that makes you wanna collapse backwards into a field of soft blankets and blissfully contemplate the birds, and the clouds, and why you're in a field of blankets. The album's title track - Harmony Blooms - demonstrates this beautifully. Through four-odd minutes and what feels like two dozen layers of sound, Velvet Trip lay down a washed out, fuzzy and triumphant track; that proves the time for psychedelia has always been right now. The band have just wrapped up a tour to mark the release of Harmony Blooms, so keep an eye on their socials for future gig updates.

Joel Leggett - Cup Of Tea

Most of us love music because it makes us feel something. Some tracks do this gently. Others grab you by the shoulders, slam you to the ground, then send you back to whatever you were doing with full-body goosebumps and an ear worm to boot. The latest release from the Central Coast's own Joel Leggett is category B. This is not to say that Cup Of Tea is a harsh song, but it is so packed full of feeling that it moves you. Leggett's fantastic vocals are centre stage for this one as he slowly and gently paints a picture of collapsing love, before exploding with enough raw emotion to make you want to hit replay again and again. If you wanna catch Joel Leggett's addictive brand of alternative folk IRL, he is literally playing tonight at Mumbo Jumbo's in Terrigal. If that's not enough notice for you, check his socials for upcoming local gigs.

Little Quirks - Reverie

While we're on the topic of Alt/contemporary-folk, please welcome another Central Coast success story in the Little Quirks. They have just dropped their first song of 2024, Reverie; though keen-eyed observers might recognise this one from their Homebrewed Studio Sessions episode from last year. We were fans of it then and we're fans of it now. The band says that Reverie is based around a fleeting long distance love that ends as quickly as it started. The tempo of this one gets feet tapping from the outset, as Little Quirks hone in on that epic blend of rock and folk that seems to win over the masses wherever they play. As far as tours go, the band are coming in hot off an epic weekend performing at Bluesfest, so stay glued to their socials for incoming gigs near you.

Eliza & The Delusionals - Make it Feel Like the Garden

After dropping their debut album Now and Then back in 2022, Eliza & The Delusionals took a little break from releasing music. in 2024, they're back - now as a trio - with a track that is just begging to be sung loudly alone in the car at night. Make it Feel Like the Garden is a beautiful, soaring track that gets us super excited about what ever it is that Eliza and her Delusionals have been cooking up over the last twelve months. The band say that this one is an ode to the feeling of being your happy place, or garden; and we can confirm - green thumb or not - that it certainly transports you there. The band are supporting US folk-punk outfit The Front Bottoms and our own Holy Holy on their respective Aussie tours this month, catch dates for those here.

BOY SODA - Merlot

Shitty day? Look and listen no further than (former) Central Coast star BOY SODA's latest release, Merlot. Whether you're into red wine is kinda irrelevant - if you're not bopping your head to this one then we're gonna have to send you for some checks. Merlot is a buzz of a track that blends BOY SODA's funk, soul and hip hop sensibilities better than any bottle of red at your local grog shop. BOY SODA describes this release "a song to curate decompression and relaxation", so go forth and let Merlot soundtrack your relaxation. The Warner Music-signed Mr. SODA has gone from strength to strength with each release, cementing his position as one of the most exciting RnB/hip hop artists in the country right now. Keep up with everything BOY SODA vis his Insta.

Honourable Mentions:
  • Keli Holiday - Disco

  • Jess Locke - Rocket to Ride

  • Pond - (I'm) Stung

  • Juno Mamba - Together

  • Angus and Julia Stone - Losing You


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