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We're leaving radio, but this isn't the end

After more than six years on Coast FM, it's time we made a change...

When we began Homebrewed nearly six and a half years ago, we hadn't imagined that we'd still be here today. Starting out as a hobby, Homebrewed grew into a passion project for both of us.

Our time at Coast FM has been thoroughly enjoyable. We believe it's exactly what community radio should be. We weren't dictated to, we weren't told to play any type of music, we weren't told to talk less - we had free reign over our show. We crafted a format which was fun, informative, and most importantly, tried to support Australian and Central Coast music.

As enjoyable as it has been, delivering the radio show is a very time consuming exercise. We worked it out, it's roughly 9 hours out of our week - more than four times the two hours that we're on air. Both of us work full-time jobs, and committing ourselves to doing a weekly show just didn't seem feasible for the rest of the year.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you. Thank you to every guest who has ever come on our show. Thank you to Coast FM for giving us the freedom to explore our passions. And thank you, to you, the listeners, for enduring our waffle and supporting our show.

So what next?

Well, more of this. We are still committed to supporting Australian and Central Coast music, and we believe we can do that digitally. You may have noticed more articles on our website - and that was a trial to see if we could make it work in the long term. Spoilers: we think we can.

We'll also be delivering podcast-specific content, not just re-uploads from our radio show, which should enhance the listener experience. We'll also be crafting our very own space, with the purpose of podcasting and interviews - stay tuned!

We also have some ideas for long-form, original journalist-ey articles, videos and more. We also have a partnership with Central Coast Council to deliver some cool community pieces - these will feel more at home here.

And of course, we're planning more Studio Sessions videos.

So, while it's the end of the radio show, it's certainly not the end for Homebrewed. Make sure you bookmark our website or follow us on all the socials to make sure you stay in the loop.

Big love, Cam and Eamonn.

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We are very excited for what is to come for you guys and wish you every success going forward . We can’t wait to see what is ahead ❤️❤️

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