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Premiere: Sydney Shoegazers ADORER keep us guessing with latest single, 'Veins'

Back in May, ADORER earned themselves some serious attention with their debut, self-titled EP. Now just two months later, the Eora four-piece are back with their latest single, 'Veins'. You'll be pleased to learn that we've bid the highest for an exclusive first listen.

Kris and Liam from ADORER joined us on the podcast earlier in the week to chat about their journey from strangers only a couple of years ago, to now riding a wave of almost instant success together. In that conversation, both bandmates spoke of having already evolved beyond what we'd heard from their debut EP.

"Even before the EP was out, we had already moved a bit further forward because we'd gotten to know each other better musically" lead guitarist Liam told

Their latest release,Veins, embodies that evolution. At a scratch over five minutes, Veins is already longer than every track from the ADORER EP bar their fantastic instrumental, To River. The guitars are cleaner in this one, and - without giving too much away - expect a revelation that should have you clamouring to go and see ADORER live.

In terms of themes, the band tell us thatVeins hits as hard emotionally as it does sonically, "Veins is a seething exploration of the feelings that linger years after a brutal separation. It's a catharsis of suppressed anger and regret."

Get your ears around Veins before everyone else below. If it does in fact convince you to catch ADORER live, they'll be headlining the Vanguard in Newtown on July 18. Tickets for that show can be found here.

ADORER - Veins


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