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Album Review: Lucille Two transport you through time with their self-titled debut LP

Central Coast duo Lucille Two have just dropped their debut self-titled album, and it's everything you'd want from them.

Released today (April 12), Lucille Two's first crack at an album does not disappoint. The 10-track LP takes the listener on a journey, high up in the clouds. With each track offering their own blend of dream pop, psychedelic pop, synth pop, and a bit of space rock, it's easy to get lost in this album.

The warm vocals are complimented perfectly throughout the LP with soft drums, soothing guitar, and dreamy synths - combining perfectly to take the listener out of the room (and sometimes their body) and on an adventure. I wouldn't recommend your first listen of this album whilst driving in the car for the sake of your safety.

This album has been drip-fed to us since 2023, with seven of the 10 tracks on the album released as singles, and another two previous singles getting 'album versions'.

With this in mind, it's clear that Lucille Two, made up of duo Trudy Bennett and Jarrin Borg, have been hard at work with this album since their 2021 debut EP 'Gato'.

Despite a large portion of the track list being familiar to fans, having it all packaged as an LP is an ideal way to listen to each of the songs and get lost in the harmonies.

Whilst being local to the Central Coast, Lucille Two have massive global appeal with a large following in Mexico, Turkey, Peru, and Taipei. It's not un-common to see comments in Spanish on their Instagram posts!


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