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'If The Weekend was born in Gosford'- Brandon Duff cruises into 2023 with an RnB flavoured release

Updated: Jan 27

Consistently different is probably the best way to sum up the last couple of years worth of Brandon Duff releases.

The last time Homebrewed spoke to the Central Coast artist was to premiere his 2022 single 'Chase That High' - a track which marked Duff's evolution from solo artist to band man. Duff would go on to play some big Newcastle shows with his newly formed band off the back of that release, including a coveted support slot for Y.O.G.A. (You're Only Great Always) - the solo project of Peking Duk's Reuben Styles. You'd be forgiven for expecting that band formula to feature in subsequent releases, but 2023 sees Brandon Duff return with yet another toe-dip into a completely different sound.

In 'Easy Love', Duff trades the band-driven approach for a far more production heavy release, employing a heavy bass and snare combination to sit behind gentle, minimalist synth. Duff's familiar smooth and sweet vocals are pulled into the RnB realm with some slight vocal effects. There's a solid saxophone feature in the mix too.

Speaking to Homebrewed about the release, the perennially piss-taking Duff declared that traditional instruments were "so done, so seventies" as he ran us through the mood of his latest "autobiographical" offering.

"It's a funky, cool, chilling out, driving down the road when the street lights are on kind of vibe," he said.

Easy Love has an uplifting feel and tempo to it, though Duff describes the release as "melancholy chill". It's about sleeping in, not doing what you should be, but feeling okay with that at the same time.

Duff has been eager to explore his versatility in the last couple of years, stepping away from the singer songwriter routine that saw him grace national television screens on The Voice, and even earn a songwriting workshop with Amy Shark.

"[I've made] a lot of different songs, from pop-rock, to singer songwriter, and now to white boy RnB."

Clearly unafraid to try something new, Duff has also hopped between studios and producers as his artistic leanings changed direction.

"I've been working with different producers for every song… 'Crystal Eyes' was with Rod McCormack [of The Grove Studios], 'Chase That High' was with Mitta at Tommirock studios in Newcastle and then [Easy Love] was with Steven from Messiah Studios."

The diversity of influences offered up by each new producer sees Duff step up with every release and add another chink to his artistic armour. 'Easy Love' is a testament to that - a polished step into a new genre, but with no promises to stay there.

Aside from ever-changing hair and beard stylings, versatility is emerging as a defining characteristic of Brandon Duff's music. Where he'll land next remains to be seen (he's hinted at a foray into disco), but with an EP on the cards for later this year and a few live shows already under his belt, we're keen to come along for the ride.

Catch our full chat with Brandon Duff here

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