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Glydd set for new-look return

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Central Coast musical two-piece Glydd. are back with their new single 'For Now'.

Glydd. first emerged on the scene in 2018 as a four-piece, but shortly after taking off, the band suffered some unexpected turbulence with two band members leaving. This left the two original creators of the band, Tom Josephs and Owen Butterworth to land the 'Glydd' plane safely and find a new direction for take-off.

When talking about losing two band members, Tom and Owen likened it to a break up.

"We had just finished a live show, everyone was feeling good, and then they were essentially like 'catch-ya'", Owen said.

"It was a sudden, abrupt break up that no one expected. It was difficult, but it was good. I think it's something that we needed".

Despite losing half of the band, Tom and Owen decided to keep the Glydd. name as none of the creative process had been lost. They did, however, remove their music created as a four-piece from Spotify to enable them to start over fresh, very much akin to someone deleting photos on their phone after a break up.

Their 'debut' single 'For Now' is a real change in sound for the band. This isn't necessarily a conscious process, but more just the natural evolution of the band as they develop their skills.

Influenced by Oasis, Last Dinosaurs, Kanye West and Tame Impala, the diverse range of musical inspirations makes it hard to categorise them.

The track, for mine, hints a Tame Impala sound with some Last Dinosaurs in the mix. Of course, their music isn't a straight copy and paste, but it is certainly drawing from those sounds.

For both Owen and Tom, the production of their music is incredibly important, and often a lengthy process.

"I took about 50 stabs at the mix like I usually do", said Owen.

"When I'm mixing a song I focus on different parts of the song each time.

"I might be listening to the same eight or 16 bars of music on loop for 45 minutes to an hour, but I'll be adjusting different instruments and bits each time.

"The other day I was mixing something else and thinking that I should go back and make those same changes to 'For Now'".

"That was something we did even with the old songs that we've thrown out", Tom added.

"I'd learn things about programming drums or Owen would learn something mix-wise so we'd just keep going back and doing things".

Although that perfectionist approach to their music may sound exhausting, adding polish on top of their already polished tracks fits the Glydd. name very well - and that's something they put pride in.

Tom and Owen view Glydd. as a brand, as well as a band. They will put music first, but they want Glydd. to be known as something more.

"Even back in 2018 we wanted to push it as a brand", Tom said.

"We want to make it more than just music. We want it to be that you look at Glydd. and you associate that with self-made and building yourself up from nothing. That's the goal".

At the moment, as well as self-made, I see Glydd. as knowing that when they put music out into the world, it's going to be the best possible version of that song. You will know that they have spent days working on three seconds of audio to perfect it.

On top of that, their website is incredibly polished and their social media pages are looking better and better with every post. I expect their music to follow the same trajectory.

Listen to Glydd's new track here.

Check out their website here.


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